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London Blacksmith

The Capital’s Contemporary, Artistic Metalworkers

Our blacksmith’s forge has been providing a reliable ironworking service to clients across London for more than 34 years. We are proud of our heritage and our track-record and we use that experience to create both standard and bespoke items.

Nationally Recognised Iron Restoration & Forging

As a well-established London blacksmith, we love to combine traditional techniques used in our craft for hundreds of years, with modern skills more recently added to a good smith’s repertoire. By seamlessly bringing the two together, we can create stunning, unique pieces that can define a room, transform a space or draw the eye.

We love working with clients in London. The diversity of buildings, be they modern-contemporary or traditional period buildings, bring us unique challenges to best use our ironwork to enhance the location – great or small.

We create pieces for purposes including:

If you have an idea for a bespoke piece – you can trust that your product will be created to the highest blacksmithing standards. Our blacksmith – Rhys Harlin AWCB – has been assessed at competitions and events around the country. Most recently, he was winner of the 2016 National Champion Blacksmith event and reserve Live Champion (live forging) in 2016.

London Champion Blacksmith - National Awards

Artistry & Design Flair

We pride ourselves on our artistic abilities and the quality of our design. We don’t just churn out off-the-peg products, we are passionate about taking on design-and-build projects for private and public clients in London alike.

If you’ve got a fledgling idea, then let us make it a reality! We will start by transforming your vision into detailed sketches (see right) for your approval. We’ll then use all of the metalworking techniques available to us to transform that design into a real, unique iron piece for your London home, garden or workplace.

Timeless style

We draw from a number of design influences when designing products. If you have a strong vision, then we can work directly with that. Or if you want our input on the design process, then we might draw from a Gothic style, a traditional Victorian theme or – particularly for garden pieces – floral patterns and natural shapes.

We love using heavy bars, square corners and Gothic arches, amongst myriad other features. Fortunately, our broad variety of contemporary and traditional forging techniques enable us to bring (almost!) any vision to life.

Get in touch with your London artisan blacksmith today! Email info@darenthvalleyforge.co.uk or hit the link below to use our contact form:

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Bespoke Ironwork Design by a London Blacksmith

Electronic Iron Gates - London Blacksmith, Portfolio

Bespoke interior ironwork from an artisan blacksmith in London

Artistic ironwork - London - Contemporary Artisan Blacksmith

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