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Darenth Valley Forge is an artisan blacksmith’s with deep roots in Kent. We’ve been at our current location in Eynsford since 1997, using our traditional tools and equipment to provide stunning, artistic pieces for both private and commercial clients.

The business was originally started by Godfrey C. South FWCB in 1982, who emigrated to Canada. Rhys Harlin, who had trained with Godfrey since the age of 15, took over the forge in late October 2012.

He brings to the forge his passion, work ethic and artistic flair.


As artisan blacksmiths, we specialise in hand-forged bespoke Ironwork – including sculptures & public art, ornate iron gates, balconies and ironwork restoration.

We carry out our work for clients across Kent, Surrey, London, Sussex, the South East and further afield. We’re happy to take on projects from clients anywhere in the UK.

You can see some of our completed work in the gallery here and get an insight into our forge in the video below:


Having studied metalwork at college alongside working with master blacksmith Godfrey South, Rhys has been able to develop his own style of work. He combines traditional and modern methods, to complete uniquely artistic and yet dependable finished articles.

Having worked for many well-known companies and organisations as well as other blacksmiths, Rhys has developed a vast knowledge of all aspects of Ironwork. This has helped him to achieve awards from the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, as well as picking up prizes on the national championship blacksmiths circuit.

“I have always had a passion for metal. It may be known for its unyielding nature, but I know that with extreme heat and accurate force I can transform that crude raw material into something of great beauty. It’s an extremely satisfying process.”

Rhys Harlin, Artisan Blacksmith at Darenth Valley Forge

His personal artistic style and flair is influenced by many smiths past and present and, despite his modern training, he still uses many ancient blacksmithing techniques (such as mortise and Tenon joints, rivets, collars and fire welding) to create beautiful, unique pieces of Ironwork for any purpose.

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Artisan Blacksmiths at Darenth Valley Forge, Kent

My passion has always been with metal and the artistry it allows. Forging heavy bars under the power hammer, scroll forming and organic forms are just a few of the things I love about my job and Kent is a beautiful place to practice it.

Rhys Harlin


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