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The ancient methods used in traditional ironwork are the foundations of the blacksmith’s craft, but the addition of modern methods of ironwork allows us to create new and exciting designs and styles the old techniques wouldn’t allow. The use of modern methods of joining such as Mig & Tig welding make Darenth Valley Forge a ‘contemporary blacksmith’.

Although many iron made products, like railings & balustrades, have to meet certain building regulations, we have a wide range of techniques to draw from to ensure that doesn’t have to mean they all look the same! Our blacksmith Rhys is able to design and develop a variety of styles, to ensure each client’s requirements are met.


Floral & organic designs are very popular at the moment and great for the garden. They are very pleasing to look at and make an attractive, enduring focal point for any location.

Rhys Harlin - Kent's Contemporary Blacksmith

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