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Ironwork Gates

Striking, Bespoke Iron gates

Over the past few years, Rhys has created a range of styles of traditional gates – some with a contemporary twist, some more traditional, but all designed and manufactured by Rhys to meet the client’s specification.

From public entrances to private client residences, Rhys is able to design and manufacture a range of different designs to suit any location.

Whether security is the main concern or just to enhance a property and add value, our gates will do the job! From an artistic garden gate to a large set of automated entrance gates – our work far exceeds others on quality and design.

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Automated Driveway Gates

We are experts in wrought iron gate design and creation, but we don’t claim to be electrical engineers as well!

To fill that gap, we have our own gate automation specialist, with whom we work closely to achieve quality & reliability in every project. Our combination of expertise means that you get the best of both worlds, with no need to compromise on functionality.

contemporary ironwork gates - made bespoke for a Kent client

A set of contemporary style gates, made for a private client.

Weather Protection & Durability

We advise that all our exterior work is galvanised or hot zinc sprayed (Cathodic protection) to protect them against corrosion.

By using these methods, our work is protected and we can ensure that the product will last with minimal or no maintenance. If Galvanised, phosphates can be used to dull the finish & bring out a contemporary look. For either a hot zinc spray or a galvanising finish, a paint system could also be applied for additional design effects.

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