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Sculptural & Public Art

Beautiful Iron Art from a Talented Artist Blacksmith

Darenth Valley Forge’s artist blacksmiths produce large scale Public Art, for private and public clients across Kent and beyond. We manufacture all forms of ironwork in the public sector; working in many forms and structures such as architectural metal gates, bespoke sculptures- large and small – water features, pergolas & many more.

Large scale art works are usually a team effort. Rhys and his team of subcontractors work closely with the client to produce the article required for the desired location, ensuring that it is both decorative or functional. Art comes in many forms and styles and can be used for many reasons:

  • wall art to divert the eye away from a large open space
  • sculptures to enhance the area of situation or communicate a key message (perhaps a historical remembrance)
  • industrial pieces to communicate about the history of a place.

Versatile & Bespoke Service

Floral art & industrial themes are just a few examples of some of the bespoke ironwork sculptures we are able to produce.

“My favourite type of sculptural work is that of organic forms. Creating a natural form that’s going to last a few hundred years is always a pleasure!”
– Rhys Harlin, Artisan Blacksmith & Sculptor

To the right, we have pictured a piece we created recently. It is a Repose Mask, most commonly seen on large commissions e.g. large entrance gates or very ornate weather vanes. They are produced in a similar way to wood carving, but as apposed to removing the material you have to push it back and forth to achieve the required shape.

If you would like to enquire about our public art service or receive a bespoke quotation, please jump over to our contact page here. We service clients in Kent and across the UK.

Repose Mask - designed and created by Darenth Valley Forge

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