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Interior Ironworks

Hand Forged & Beautiful Internal Metal Features

We can design and deliver all forms of interior ironwork.

Interior ironwork opens up a completely new design door, and a new route of finishing – whereas outside projects are prone to rusting and therefore need treatment, interior works aren’t so vulnerable to the elements and therefore can be brushed and polished, waxed or just lacquered. This adds a completely new feel to the range of works we can produce.

Darenth Valley Forge works primarily in mild steel, but for many interior projects we design in copper, bronze and stainless steel wherever possible to give a contemporary feel to those pieces of artistic metalwork.

Our list of available bespoke products includes:

  • door hinges
  • door knockers
  • lighting fixtures and chandeliers
  • curtain poles
  • bespoke furniture

And more! If you’ve got a vision, we can create it for you!

Fire Basket

Our favourite

Fire Baskets and companion sets are a great fire place feature. They communicate traditional values, solidity and rustic charm. Pictured (right) is one we made for a client in Sussex, but we create pieces for customers across kent, the South East and the UK.

Why not contact us with your requirements and enhance your living area with one of our beautifully hand forged products? We’d love to hear from you.

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